Friday, August 27, 2010

Pencak Silat camp 2010 with Guru Bambang Suwanda pt 2

Bandung was great for training and researching. We updated training with the music for the forms i.e. ibing or kembangan covering Paleredan and Tepak Tilu. Location was not the greatest but a make shift vacant lot but the local area was filled with kids and interested on-lookers. Was fun with a live band playing the music along with the local silat school performing demos for us to watch. Next day was onto another school whose head was Pak Momo. Nice elderly man who demonstrated techniques coming from Cimande & Cikalong.
We took a group photo with him and spent the afternoon training with him.
Next night was with Gagak Lumayang with the head from Garut. They took the time and travelled the distance from Garut to meet us. Explained in depth the origins of debus and susuk along with historical content on the styles found in West Java i.e. Cimande, Cikalong, Syahbandar, Kari, Mahdi, Cikaret, Tanjakan, Sanalika, etc. All this before we even started training with Pak Bambang !!! What a treat.
Garut was the next day destination to go to and hopefully to seek out Ibu Enny of Panglipur. Unfortunately we ran into the famous Indonesian traffic jam and had to Bandung to officially start Summer Camp 2010.

to be continued.   

Friday, August 20, 2010

Silat camp 2010 with Guru Bambang Suwanda

Another great camp wit Pendekar Bambang Suwanda just finished a month ago. Was excellent as always, a 1 on 1 training with him to learn and understand more about the art of West Javanese aka Sunda styles of Pencak Silat.
We also visited a number of silat schools while over there. Aliran Gagak Lumayang with a Guru from Garut was very nice in spending 2 days with us going over the history of silat as found in West Java. The group were very privileged to experience 2 rituals still maintained and preserved in West Javanese Pencak Silat. PPSI the West Javanese Federation of Pencak Silat is keeping to its roots in preserving the musical aspects of the art in particular with the Kembangan or Ibing as it is called in Sundanese. Lingkung Suci was another school that shared their style of silat with us. All these were in addition to the "real camp" with Pak Bambang.
will continue the camp highlights in my next blog and please visit for additional information on PENCAK SILAT